So, what’s the deal with gay people, anyway?

After showing this conversation to a few of my friends, I’ve been told that my response might actually be beneficial to publish and share online, for people who a) Want to see how I handled someone hell-bent on believing homosexuality (or any non-straight orientation, I guess) is a choice; or b) Are legitimately interested in what the deal with gay people is, or something.

I also figured, if I devoted the energy to craft such an in-depth response to someone really ignorant and undeserving, it might be worthwhile to share it with people who ARE worth putting that much time and effort into. So this one’s for all of you. Hopefully you’ll be enlightened or entertained.

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desertransformada replied to your post: Weddings are so cheesy and corny and lame.  I…

I keep looking at “wedding” tags on certain websites (pinterest - check it out) and getting all “I wanna get maaaarrieeeeed” but me and Randy can’t until much much later.

I can’t even look at wedding stuff, it just feels so awkward for me.  I don’t have any image for where I want one, or when, or who I want in it, etc.  Maybe because it feels kind of disingenuous to think like that now when I’m not in a relationship?  I don’t know.  I just know I get all emotional when I see/attend one and think I want to be up there, but can’t actively think about it.


takeawalkpigeon replied to your post: Weddings are so cheesy and corny and lame.  I…

The older I get the less I want one. It’s strange.

I mean they don’t make any sense, do they?  They’re always the same basic thing.  Everyone looks pretty, lovers say some variation of “You’re my everything” followed by a kiss, people dance and then it’s over.  Except all of that stretched out over like 4 hours and lots of money.  Even if you try to be unique, it’s along the lines of walking funny down the aisle, or having the first dance to a silly song, or maybe “my dress will be PURPLE, that will BLOW PEOPLE’S MINDS!”  It’s all so lame when you think about it, yet they’re so annoyingly endearing.  I mean I pretty much cried at the wedding on Conan O’Brien’s show last night and I have no idea why.  Well, other than some subconscious desire to fulfill the need to have a cheesy, lovey-duvy moment in my life, I guess.  It’s so strange.

Weddings are so cheesy and corny and lame.  I fucking want one.